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The Unspoken
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THE UNSPOKEN, is a semi-realistic stray canine RP based in a fictional town in the middle of Northern Canada. The year is 2020 and the town itself has been abandoned by humans. Canines and the additional wildlife are free to claim anything as their own. We welcome every level of writer and have a word minimum of 200. The sitewide plot is influenced by the constant weather changes, natural disasters, and the battle for survival within the Canadian wilderness. All of which, is member driven with endless possibilities! Will pack politics become dangerous? will the canines have to band together to fight off starvation? Its up to you to decide.
The Unspoken created by Speakeasy
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year 2020
We are officially OPEN! Welcome, everyone! Once things get a bit more active, we'll start working on packs and plot ideas but for now enjoy the site and if you have any questions just approach one of our staff members!
grand opening!

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